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Below is a consolidated list of resources to help you with your conversations about applying to college and access to financial aid. Especially the FAFSA Walkthrough VideoUtah College Guide, and the Facts-At-A-Glance.

Everything you can find below can be found on the website: AND on our Utah College Awareness & Financial Aid YouTube Channel. 

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Preparing & Paying for College






Regents Scholarship

Maple Mountain High School - scholarships list

Spanish Fork High School - scholarships list                                                                                                                                                           

**Remember to visit any high school website and any college website to find more scholarship listings.



Scholarships for Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Students


Scholarships & Financial Aid for Dreamers, DACA, and Undocumented Students


Resource & Scholarship List for Dreamers, DACA, and undocumented students is available at the following link.  Please talk to Ms. Caceres for more information.  There is money for all students to go to college.  Check with college financial aid offices for more help.

La lista de recursos y becas para Dreamers, DACA y estudiantes indocumentados está disponible en el siguiente enlace. Por favor hable con la Sra. Cáceres para más información. Hay dinero para que todos los estudiantes vayan a la universidad. Consulte con las oficinas de ayuda financiera de las universidades para obtener más ayuda.

Supporting Dreamers through Higher Education - slideshow:

2018 Dreamers, DACA, and Undocumented student info:

Dream Center Scholarships:





Letters About Literature - Letters About Literature is a reading and writing contest for students in grades 4-12. Students are asked to read a book, poem or speech and write to that author (living or dead) about how the book affected them personally. 

Music Student Scholarship - Grades 9-12. 250 word essay. Deadline Dec. 31, 2016

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay - 1000 word original essay. For students in 9 - 12th grade. Deadline - January 4th 2017




We the Students Scholarship ContestOpen to students in grades 9-12. You must answer three questions related to the principles of the Constitution and the relevance of the Constitution today. DEADLINE - February 5th 2017

Davidson Fellows Scholarship - Anyone under 18 who has completed a significant piece of work in math, science, literature, music, technology, philosophy & outside the box. DEADLINE February 8th 2017

Sweet and Simple Scholarship - DEADLINE February 28, 2017 Submit an online short written response (250 words or less) for the question:“Not every gift has to be expensive or extravagant. In fact, sometimes it’s the sweet and simple things that make a real difference in our lives. Think back and tell us about something you received as a gift and why it meant so much to you.”




Parentinn Scholarship - All participants will have to research and submit a 600 – 1000 words regarding the following topic:“Why and How to Stop Cyberbullying”.In the content, make sure to include the following ideas: Why is it important to stop cyberbullying? How has cyberbullying personally affected teens? DEADLINE February 28th 2017

Headphone Selection Scholarship - Students who are currently enrolled in high school that write a 750-100 word essay on the topic outlined on the Headphone Selection website. DEADLINE March 1st 2017

Create-A-Greeting Card Contest - Submit card design. DEADLINE March 2nd 2017

Ayn Rand Contest - Anthem - For 8-10th graders. DEADLINE March 29th 2017

4WheelOnline's Scholarship - 1. Create a photo of something that inspires you about the automotive industry;  2.Write an essay on something related to the automotive industry that brings you excitement.


MTECH is an amazing technical college.  Check out this video:


Colleges in Utah

BYU (Brigham Young University, Provo, UT)

UVU (Utah Valley University, Orem, UT)

U of U (University of Utah, SLC, UT)

Utah State (Logan, UT)

Weber State (Ogden, UT)

Snow College (Ephraim, UT)

SLCC (Salt Lake Community College, SLC, UT)

SUU (Southern Utah University)

Dixie State (St. George, UT)

Utah State Eastern (Price, UT)

LDS Business College (SLC, UT)

LDS Colleges link -