Student drop-off/pick-up map

It is no small task getting 1100+ students to and from school safely each day, and we appreciate your help! 

Our east and west lots are for drop-off/pick-up, as well as the north curb along Center St. Please ensure that you follow the outlined traffic pattern in the linked map, ONLY have students exit the car on a sidewalk, and pull up frequently to help traffic flow. 

Our north parking lot is for bus traffic only before and after school. 20 buses need to quickly enter and exit this lot at different times and we need to provide room for them to do so while safely managing the loading of students, as well. Thank you for your understanding. 

In our east lot, we have a Special Education bus before and after school because this lot provides our safest wheelchair route. When the bus red lights are flashing, please do not pass. Not only will this ensure the safety of our students, but it is also in accordance with Utah Law and will ensure you aren’t ticketed. Once the bus is done loading/unloading, the red lights will turn off and you will be free to travel by again.

If you have high school students, grandparents, etc. helping with the drop-off/pick-up, please make sure to review the map with them, as well. As always, we are grateful for your coordination and cooperation!


DFMS Administration