Diamondback Days!

Submitted by russ.sumens on Mon, 10/11/2021 - 10:14
A flyer detailing the Diamondback Days at Diamond Fork Middle School

Diamondbacks Days are coming this month!  

7th grade is on October 20th, while 6th grade is on October 21st.  There is no cost to students to participate, but there are some eligibility requirements.  They are:

  • Academic grades need to be a C or higher
    • To make up an academic grade, the student needs to work with their teachers.  Teachers are not required to hurry and grade or change anything because a student has waited until the last minute.  Do the work today! 
  • Citizenship grades need to be an S
    • To make up a citizenship grade, students need to work with their teachers and make a plan.
  • Students can have no more than 3 tardies
    • Students may make up tardies by volunteering for lunch detention.  They can sign up for one in the front office


Students have until October 18th to turn in a signed permission slip and to complete any makeup work needed to become eligible.