Submitted by scott.buck on Thu, 10/08/2009 - 18:43

Diamond Fork Junior High is kicking off the new school year with an intramural sports program. Intramurals allow students to organize their own teams and play against other student teams within the school. David Trevort, vice principal in charge of the intramural program said, "Our intramural sports program is an extra curricular activity for any student who wishes to participate. Our goal is to have fun, and make friends." Intramural teams are formed in soccer, basketball, volleyball, flag football, dodge ball, badminton and weight lifting. There is a 7th grade intramural league that plays Tuesdays and Fridays, and an 8th and 9th grade combined league which plays on Mondays and Thursdays. Games start right after school and end no later than 3:30.

8th grade team member Bailey Bates observed, "Intramurals are fun and competitive at the same time." Team member Dakota Fraizer commented, "Intramurals are really fun and competitive, but not to the point where everyone is fighting and mad at each other." The intramural sports program is a great way for students to play the sports they love while spending productive time with their friends.

By: Chandler Johns and Chandler Hatch