Payson Jr. High Wins 1st Nebo Jr. High Wrestling Duals Title

Submitted by brooke.anderson on Fri, 01/29/2010 - 09:06
The first annual Nebo School District junior high wrestling dual meet on Tuesday, January 19th at Mt. Nebo Jr. High, featured full line-ups from Diamond Fork, Mapleton, Mt. Nebo, Payson, Spanish Fork, Springville. To this point in the season, the teams had practiced and competed as combined units: Diamond Fork-Spanish Fork, Mapleton-Springville, and Mt. Nebo-Payson. It was a well-attended meet with lots of enthusiasm.    Many team bouts were competitive, closely challenged team duals, many of which could have resulted in the other team winning with the difference of a few matches which could have gone either way.   However, Payson (4-0) was clearly the superior unit, with wins over Mapleton (40-23), Spanish Fork (46-26), Diamond Fork (54-22) and Springville (52-18). The second place team, Mapleton (3-1), won its other three matches over Spanish Fork (46-24), Diamond Fork (53-13), and Mt. Nebo (62-12). In third place, the team from Spanish Fork (2-2) beat Springville (39-30) and Mt. Nebo (45-25). The fourth-place team, Springville, was also 2-2 with narrow victories over Diamond Fork (33-30) and Mt. Nebo (39-34). In fifth place, the squad from Diamond Fork (1-3) edged the sixth-place team, Mt. Nebo (0-4), by a 38-36 margin.   Individually, there were wrestlers in each weight class who stood out for their efforts on the day; where there are more than one undefeated record, these wrestlers did not face each other. Payson had the most undefeated wrestlers (6), followed by Mapleton (5), Spanish Fork (3), Diamond Fork (2), and Mt. Nebo (1) and Springville (1).   Earning first place for their undefeated (4-0) records: Josh Jenson, Payson (77 lbs.); Legend Carter, Diamond Fork (83); Riley Loveless, Payson (89); Hagen Loveless, Payson (96); Branson Ashworth, Spanish Fork (103); Cameron Killian, Mapleton (110); Landon Knutsen, Mapleton (118); Chantry Pace, Springville (118); Will Ford, Payson (4-0); Jacob Armstrong, Mapleton (126); Nick Chingas, Spanish Fork (118, 126); Kimball Bastian, Mapleton (135); Caden Spencer, Mapleton (145); Zach Hansen, Springville (145); John Harmon, Payson (160); Ammon Stone, Diamond Fork (190); Jacob Buckner, Mt. Nebo (190); Junior Fili, Spanish Fork (Hwt.); and Brian Hoschouer, Payson (Hwt.).   Finishing second place in their weight divisions with one loss on the day: Isaiah Petersen, Mapleton (77); Nathan Sandage, Springville (83); Marshal Curtis, Springville (89); Trevor Kinross, Mapleton (96); Trent Kelly, Diamond Fork (103); Michael Rowley, Mt. Nebo (3-1); Kyle Moffat, Payson (135); McCoy Cary, Mt. Nebo (135); Trey Whitney, Mapleton (160); Aaron Duffin, Spanish Fork (190); and Derek Johnson, Payson (Hwt.).   This was the final meet of the Nebo School District series of six matches this season. Overall, it was a highly successful opportunity for all of the junior highs to prepare young athletes for competition at the next level. Many wrestlers from each team will be competing on January 29-30 at Roy High School in the Middle School and Junior High State Championships.    
William X. Barron – Diamond Fork Head Coach