DFJHS Beauty and the Beast

Submitted by scott.buck on Sat, 03/31/2012 - 20:09

Students from Diamond Fork Junior High School's drama department
recently performed Beauty and the Beast.  After months of hard work
and diligent preparation the play went off perfectly. Many students
contributed to the success of the play including John Baadsgaard who
played the beast, Michelle Gunderson who played Belle, Lumear was
played by Brandon Bundy, Babet was played by Yvonne Bass, the
enchantress was played by Ashley Chidester, Cogsworth was played by
Tucker Sanbakken, Mrs. Potts was played by Kamryn Wilson, Nathen
Nelson was Gaston, Steve Tate was Chip, and Maurice was played by
Kamron Lindy.  Thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of audience
members who supported the play, and for the students of Diamond Fork Junior High for sharing their amazing talents.

Kyra Morgan