DFJHS Freshman Soccer

Submitted by scott.buck on Wed, 09/28/2011 - 11:27

Fall has arrived and the freshman girl soccer players at Diamond Fork Junior High are busy representing their high school teams.  Seven girls from DFJHS play for the Spanish Fork High School soccer team, and four girls from DFJHS play for the Maple Mountain High School soccer team.  The SFHS players are Camilla Chaparro, Shaniece Novak, Xakoi Pace, Dani Perkins, Kristi Taylor, Shelby Thomas, and Brenda Vargas. The MMHS players are Janae Warren, Katie Hammer, Lora Kendell, and Tessa Weight.
When asked about her fellow team-mates, Camilla Chaparro responded, “It was fun meeting new girls this year and getting to play with the older ones.”  Even though high school pride is on the line, these young ladies represent both their junior high and their future high schools with dignity and class.  When encountering opposing team members wearing different school uniforms in the hallways of Diamond Fork, these girls often give a high-five to the opposing team's players.  However, some rivalries die harder than others, and the Spanish Fork and Payson rivarly is still alive and well.  Players from both teams agree that they would like to return next season as sophomore players to represent their high schools.  We are excited to have so many talented students representing DFJHS!

By: Jacob Warnock