DFJHS Ice Skating

Submitted by scott.buck on Thu, 03/29/2012 - 09:56

Recently students at Diamond Fork Junior High were rewarded for their
good grades by attending an ice skating field trip at Peaks Ice Arena
during Diamond Back Day.  Diamond Back Day is a unique reward system
where once every term students get to attend a field trip if they have
good citizenship and academic grades.  Each term features a different
field trip.  Third term the students went ice skating, and for fourth
term the students will be able to attend Lagoon for an entire day.

Diamond Back Day requires not only excellent academic and citizenship
grades, but students also can not have any unserved detentions for
tardies.  With busloads of students who have no D or F grades, and
only excellent citizenship grades, this activity was bound to be a
success.  After hours of skating every student returned safely.
Congratulations DFJHS students for your excellent performance.

Nicholas Harrison