Valentine's Fund Raiser

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Diamond Fork Junior High students raised over a thousand dollars for charity by selling candy grams this Valentine season.  Over 1,000 candy grams were delivered to students at the school, and 30 singing valentines were delivered to very embarassed students.

Candy grams and singing Valentines were sold to and from many best friends, secret admirers, parents, sons and daughters, etc.  Everyone got in on the excitement.  There were many embarrassing moments for those receiving a singing Valentine, as the student government officers serenaded individuals by lip syncing a love song to them.  A DFJHS student who received a singing Valentine commented, “It was very awkward, you don’t know where to look, because everyone in the room is staring at you!  It is something I will never forget.”  Thanks to everyone who made the Valentine's fund raiser a success.

By: Lorena Heyn